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Impact Innovation in The Wider Mediterranean. Designing New Geographies of Stability and Development

ISBN 9791255440512, 1st edition june 2024, pagg. 280. Open Access available!


Meet The Author

Impact Innovation in The Wider Mediterranean: Designing New Geographies of Stability and Development explores the transformative power of innovation and its implications for stability and development in the Mediterranean region. The book delves into the multifaceted outcomes of innovation, positioning it as a key driver for societal impact. It dispels myths surrounding the impact economy, offering insights into the evolving landscape of business, public policy, and civil society within the Mediterranean.

The first section examines the current trends and dynamics of innovation in the Mediterranean, tracing the evolution of the business landscape and recent shifts in both public and private spheres. It sheds light on the evolving role of civil society in shaping the innovation narrative, emphasizing the interconnectedness of various stakeholders in the region.

The subsequent chapters focus on the transformation of the Mediterranean economy, outlining emerging trends in public and private investment for innovation. The book explores advancements in startup ecosystems, incubators, and accelerators, as well as the crucial role played by academic and research institutions in driving innovation forward.

“Impact Economy in the Wider Mediterranean: a Possible Scenario?” presents a conceptual framework for an impact economy tailored to the Mediterranean context. The discussion advances impact innovation practices and models, providing a comprehensive overview of the state of social innovation and entrepreneurship in the region.

This publication serves as a valuable resource for policymakers, business leaders, and academics interested in fostering positive change and sustainable development in the region


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