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Ming Qing Studies 2018

ISBN 9788885629387, Anno di edizione 2018,  pagg. 304


Meet The Author

Paolo Santangelo


Caroline Bodolec Miaofeng

Technology and Patronage of Construction Projects in Late Ming China. The Case of the Itinerant Monk-Architect Miaofeng Fudeng (1540-1613)

Anna Cavalletti

The First Chinese Travelogues in Europe: The Responses of Zhang Deyi and Wang Tao to Western Social Life.

Chen Dandan

Rethinking “Shame”: Literati Consciousness in the Early Qing

Cheng Yu-Yin

Christian Literati of the Lower Echelon in Late Ming China: The Case of Xiong Shiqi

Laurent Chircop-Reyes

Merchants, Brigands and Escorts: an Anthropological Approach of the Biaoju 镖局 Phenomenon in Northern China.

Ding Han

Literature and Identity: the Motif of “Lament for the South” during the Ming-Qing Transition

Hsiao Li-Ling

Picturing Guqin Music: Min Qiji’s and Other’s Illustrations of “Yingying Listens to Qin” for Xixiang Ji

Amy Matthewson

Cartooning Anxieties of Empire: The First Sino-Japanese War and Imperial Rivalries in Punch.

Mei Chun

From a Bee-Eyed Villain to a Dim-Witted Buffoon: Wei Zhongxian and Literary Discourses on Evil in the Late Ming and Early Qing

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